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Entry #1

I wish I was a ninja

2016-03-21 18:40:08 by RocketHorse

Yeah bitch

a ninja 


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2016-03-21 18:41:44

Ninjas are overrated.

RocketHorse responds:

shut up bitch you don't know what cool is


2016-03-24 01:39:16


2016-03-27 20:16:57

Fuck yes!


2016-03-29 21:59:13

RIP 10 days

RocketHorse responds:

they think they stopped me but a brotha finna roll up on em know what i sayin lol bro


2016-03-29 22:28:56

I will post about this atrocity later

RocketHorse responds:

dam bro u gangsta


2016-03-30 10:57:08

Shitposting levels are at all time lows.

We need you to retain balance.

RocketHorse responds:

Ill attack when they least expect a muh fugga to pull up on day ass boi. Swear on me boi


2016-03-30 20:33:45

how was the ban? i bet you gonna stop shitposting now.


2016-03-31 12:18:57

when you got unbanned? also don't make yourself get banned again your shit posting not bad to be honest.

RocketHorse responds:

they can only ban me so much before I can't be stopped with my reign of total shitpost


2016-03-31 12:24:26

glad to hear that, good luck on your journey mate tell me anytime you need.


2016-04-11 10:47:09

Being a shinobi is a lot better


2016-06-15 19:39:35

Where's 2016's artwork? A ninja wouldn't hide in the shadows for TWO YEARS. He'd strike (with new content) and attack (with sick brushstrokes) until he makes something that people will acknowledge. If you want to be a ninja, start drawing again, soon.